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Kidney and Urologic Disease

  • Kidney- Infection, Stone, Tumor, Congenital problems like UPJ obstruction, Cyst

  • Ureter- Stones, Structure, Infection like TB, Ureterocele, Megaureter, Vesicoureteric reflux

  • Bladder- Infection, Stone, Tumour, Diverticulum

  • Prostate- Benign enlargement of prostate, Prostatitis, Cancer of prostate

  • Urethra- Posterior urethral valve, Stricture urethra, Meatal stenosis,

  • Testis-Infection, Torsion, Hydrocele, Cancer of testis

  • Sexual inadequacy, impotence, premature ejaculation

  • Male infertility

  • Female urinary incontinence

  • Kidney Failure